A multifunctional, motorized product designed for pressing trigger points in muscles.

Technical information

Material:Silicone + ABS

Dimensions: 79 x 50 mm

Weight: 50 grams

Total package weight: 190 grams

Functions: 3 vibration functions, 4 pulse functions

Energy source: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Usage time/session: Max. 1 hour

Charging time: 2 hours

Waterproof: IPX7

Storage: Store at room temperature, protected from light.

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Anodyne RELABALL is a multifunctional, motorized product designed for pressing trigger points in muscles. Muscle pain is often agonizing and many different tools are available for treating the muscles, fascia and trigger points. The Anodyne Relaball can be used to treat trigger points and fascia in a variety of ways, and for acupressure.

The Anodyne Relaball is a treatment and self-care product for active body care. It can be used by both professionals and private individuals. Men, women and children can use the Anodyne Relaball to treat everyday muscle pain and sport-related muscle tension..

Help for stressed shoulders. Relief even for painful soles. From the point of view of pelvic health, pelvic floor pain syndrome often produces a lot of pain in the groin, lower abdomen, back and thighs. You can use the Anodyne Relaball to help treat these pains. Women may find the product helpful for PMS symptoms and other pelvic pains. The Anodyne Relaball can be used to treat trigger points and fascia in a variety of ways, and for acupressure.

Trigger points are various identifiable protrusions in the muscles which may themselves be painful and cause pain in a wider area when pressed. The fascia near the trigger points are often tense, limiting the natural movements of the muscle and the fascia in relation to each other.

The Anodyne Relaball is a convenient solution for releasing muscle cramps.

  • An easy-to-use multifunctional product for acupressure, as well as relaxing muscles, fascia and trigger points
  • Helps with everyday muscle pain and sport-related tensions in men, women and children
  • In terms of pelvic health, the product can offer relief for the lower back, groin area, lower abdomen and thigh pain that is part of pelvic floor pain syndrome
  • Can help chronic and acute muscle pain and care for muscle tension in men, women and children
  • Help for stressed shoulders and even painful soles
  • Can ease PMS symptoms and other pelvic tensions and pains
  • For professional and home use

You can use both the ball component and the tip component. The product includes many vibration and pulsation options which you can use to relax trigger points or make treatment more effective. You can use a clearly pulsating vibration for more chronic aches, whereas a more even vibration may feel more pleasant for the relief of acute pain.

With the Anodyne Relaball, you can reach small muscles and trigger points, but you can also use it to make broader movements to treat larger membranes, such as in the thighs or buttocks.

There are many different possible ways to treat pain with the product: the only limit is your imagination. The product can make the pain clearly felt and sometimes the pain may spread from the trigger point over a wider area.

It’s easy to hold the Anodyne Relaball in your hand and it has easy-touse, powerful functions — 7 different motor functions. The product comes with clear instructions.

You can easily use the narrow tip to press trigger points and do acupressure. You can add vibration by pressing the button on the ball for 3 seconds. By pressing the button you can move through the programmes to find one that suits you.
The programme contains three different vibrations: 3 Hz, 50 Hz, and 100 Hz, as well as four different pulse functions.

You can turn the product on by pressing the button on the ball for 3 seconds. On = 3 seconds. Off = 3 seconds. Easy!

When treating trigger points, apply the tip of the product to the trigger point and make a small vibrating motion with your own hand. At the same time, turn the product on and choose a vibration or pulse function using the button and find the function that is right for you. Usually, 30–90 seconds is enough for treating a single trigger point. Stop the treatment if you notice you are going numb or if you feel radiating nerve pain.

Generally, in pain treatment with TNS units that use electrical stimulation: 3 Hz is used to treat chronic pain and 100 Hz for acute pain. 50z has a more stimulating and activating effect.

NB! The Anodyne Relaball is not an electrical stimulation unit and no studies have been done on vibration without electrical stimulation. However, customer feedback on our pilots have shown that people found the vibrations and pulse functions pleasant, varying and pain-relieving.

When treating fascia in a larger area, use the round part of the ball by adding pressure and moving it, either on the spot where it meets your skin, or by sliding it slowly from side to side over a large area, maintaining skin contact. You can also use the ball to relax trigger points on your soles by placing the ball under your sole while pressing your foot down to add pressure to the trigger point and by rolling the ball under your sole.

NB! Often, when treating fascia and trigger points, the pain is relieved in 30 seconds – 1 minute. You should not allow numbness, nerve pain or intense, radiating pain to occur while treating yourself. Do not use the Anodyne Relaball if the skin is broken or the area is swollen.

The ball is made of high-quality silicone. When used to treat fascia, it maintains good skin contact and offers good grip. It is easy to transport thanks to its small size, 75 x 90 mm, and weight, 50 g.
Silicone products are easy to keep clean and they do not absorb bacteria. Silicone may become dusty, so it should be washed regularly. A good way to clean a silicone product is to wash it by hand with water that is as hot as possible and mild washing-up liquid, and to clean it as soon as possible after use. If you have oil-based substances on your skin or hands, wash them off before using the Anodyne Relaball. Oil-based substances can make the surface of the product brittle. The silicone used in the Relaball is food-grade silicone, meaning it does not contain dangerous substances, such as phthalates, BPA or PVC.
The product is a medical accessory. The Anodyne Relaball is an in-house design product from eGOOD.
ANODYNE comes from the Latin for “calming or easing pain”, “free from pain” (Ancient Greek), the adjective sense “noncontentious” probably through French “anodin” (“harmless, trivial”), of same origin. Hence the name ANODYNE RELABALL.

*) What is a fascia?
Fascias, or muscle membranes, are located under the skin. They form a layered network extending from the toes in the body, connecting the different parts of the body. The top layer of fascia, or superficial fascia, is located immediately below the skin. It contains blood and lymphatics and stores fat and water. The deep fascia layer, in turn, surrounds the muscles and protects nerves and blood vessels. Trigger point refers to the so-called trigger point, i.e., the most intense muscle thread in either the muscle or the muscle lining.