Promoter of well-being

About the company

Pelvic Company Ltd is a Finnish healthcare tech company founded in 2019, creating preventive, rehabilitative and therapeutic equipment and services to help balance the body. Anodyne Relaball is our first device for muscle pain management.

Pelvic Company is currently developing many other professional and home care products. Our brand name is eGOOD.


Anu Parantainen

Core Expert

Health Care Specialist with long-term practical experience. Both on public and private sector and with more than 50000 patients served (since 1983), she is “The walking encyclopedia” of pain treatment and intimate health issues.

“Trust-in-Process” Method Creator. A Physiotherapist, Sexual Counsellor, Urotherapist, Hospitalist, and Lympha Therapist, being an absolute expert in her field (both men and women). “In my work I am used to taking the difficult things-to-speech and I like working holistically, process-oriented, “body-mind-soul” elements in use.

Lecturing and Training Courses. Since 1996, Lecturer, Speaker, Instructor, and Trainer on hip, pelvic floor and pelvic floor related sexual issues. Strong clinical awareness and experience of the pelvic floor physiotherapy and palpation training. Large professional network, nationally and internationally. Innovative mind and passionate about health issues. Loves ice swimming.

Sari Skott

Creative Expert

The Creator of eGOOD brand. Experienced with creating and building up brands like eGOOD, earlier created a pleasure shop chain “Sincity – A female owned Intimate Healthcare chain of shops and its ideology”, also created “Amoa Health & Care – An Intimate medical health product line for Pharmacies”. Helped Chinese companies to try to approach Europe. Knowledge of Medical devices, CE regulation experience.

Product design & Sourcing. Both OTC and medical health devices and liquids, lubricants. Materials, Ingredients (INCI) content capability and functionality. From A to Z: Designing, Sourcing manufacturers (sourcing experience from China, too), Process supervising, Applying classifications and Free-sales, Distribution & marketing contacts and contracts. .

Outlining – Content – Storytelling. Capability to create outlined content, text, images, and visions, that is relevant to the audience, both to Pro´s and Consumers, knowledge of Smart tech and the use of it in the niche of business. Supported by her Professional assisting network+. World Champion of Thai boxing back in 2004.

Juha Ruskola

Operations Expert

Mr. Ruskola has multidisciplinary start up and business experience. Extensive experience from financial sector, social media and business and corporate development.

He has been immersed in the past 20 years in growth businesses with hands-on operating experience as well as numerous start-up advisory projects.

Work experience: Mr. Ruskola has worked amongst others for RealNetworks, Mr.Goodliving and Goldman Sachs. His latest curiosity is in digital health and wellbeing services, like eGOOD.

Mr. Ruskola is a passionate yoga practitioner.

Janne Leino

Pharmacy Core Expert

Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmacy, eMBA Entrepreneur, founded and involved in about 10 different companies and startups: mm. O’Niel Imagination Oy, Pharmados Oy, North Finland Property Investment Ltd, etc.

Health and pharmaceutical business activities, in particular: Drug delivery distribution, nutritional supplements, wholesale and online shopping. Positions of trust and board positions as well as shareholdings. Also:

  • Trainer for You and Training Center PowerPower / MyPT
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Pharmacy Health Magazine
  • An active welfare and health lecturer
  • 50-year-old three-daughter father who competes internationally in Brazilian jujutsu and actively plays music
  • Medical Captain