Advisory Board

Leena Niemistö

MD, PhD, Dr Sc (Admin) hc, Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Board Professional, Angel Investor, Advisor, Mentor.Mrs. Leena Niemistö is a healthcare professional (MD, PhD) with 30 yrs of clinical and leadership experience. She has been a CEO in a healthcare company Dextra (yrs 2003-2016) and a deputy CEO in a social and healthcare company Pihlajalinna (yrs 2013-2016) while the business grew from 7m€ to 400m€ of revenue both organically and via M&A.

She is currently a board member in several publicly listed companies (Elisa, Stockmann, Pihlajalinna, Raisio) as well as in startups and organizations and foundations, dealing with digital health, well-being, food-tech, circular economy, and digital marketplace platforms targeting to spread sustainable solutions.

She says: “At the end of the day, I’m strongly motivated to make the world a better place to live in. My role as a chairman of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet corresponds my own life-long and deep interest towards art and music.”

Risto Saikko

MSc, IT, Professional Advisor, Chair of the board

Mr. Saikko´s mission is to help young companies to succeed and contribute to society. Currently, he operates with eGood, Sparkwork, UP Partners and Bagmore. He has led four software companies, sold two of them and has been a partner and in the management team in a software company as it was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

On top of this, he has over 25 years of experience in international software companies in various management positions, like in Oracle Finland Oy, Artemis, Mercury Interactive.

Juhana Piha

MD, PhD, Docent of Physiology, Specialist in Clinical Physiology

Mr. Juhana Piha is a Supervisor in Sexual Medicine at Multidisciplinary Joint Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM). Mr. Piha is a Doctor of Medicine, Docent of Physiology, Specialist in Clinical Physiology, and and Authorised Clinical Sexologist (Nordic Association of Clinical Sexology, NACS).

He is granted a Special Competence in Sexual Medicine in the EU, Fellow of European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM), and he is one of the most influential doctors in his field. He is passionate of clinical research and trials in his field.

Mr. Piha runs his three pro webpages with 70000 monthly visitors

Leena Väisälä

MD, PhD, Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Mrs. Leena Väisälä is a Doctor of Medicine, a Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and an Authorised Clinical Sexologist (NACS). She also holds a Special Competence in Sexual Medicine in the EU.

Leena Väisälä has worked as the medical expert responsible for contraceptives at the pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer between 2008–2015. Chairman of the association Gynpract, an association of private gynecologists in Finland.

Seppo Vainio

PhD, Professor of Developmental Biology

Director BOREALIS biobank of Northern Finland. Seppo Vainio serves also as a professor of Developmental Biology in Oulu University since 1997 directing research programs in Biocenter Oulu.

Seppo Vainio was, for example, the first to provide evidence that the female sexual differentiation pathway does not represent a so-called default developmental pathway but depends on active cell-cell signaling via the Wnt family of factors. Another mind-blowing case – Intelligent bracelet “Mirror of life”, and more.

Mr. Vainio´s mission is to generate fundamental knowledge that influence the culture and opens tremendous new opportunities in thinking & business.

Olof Milveden

MBA, Professional Advisor of Pharma business

The Chairman and founder of Axevia AB (Sweden), Mr. Olof Milveden is a former Swedish Diplomat and top executive with more than 30 years of experience from the International Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry, Pharmaceuticals, OTC, Medical Devices & Diagnostics and Generics.

He has held top-level positions (Sandoz/Novartis, Merck Baxter, Pharmacia, Akzo Nobel) and worked in several European countries as well as in North and Latin America and Asia.

Mr. Milveden has a very extensive business network covering the world and has participated on the highest level in International mergers and acquisitions.

” I am convinced that my experience from managing small, large and medium sized organizations and the trouble solving, target setting and goal achieving skills I have developed over time is an asset for any organization that has ambitions to expand both internally as well as externally.”

Kimmo Linnavuori

MD, PhD, Regulatory Affairs

Specialties: Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices, especially In vitro-diagnostic devices and microbial, viral and prion safety issues of medical devices and devices for sterilisation and disinfectants. Laboratory Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases, especially Viral Infections

Experience: Senior Medical Officer at National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira, Finland, yrs 2009-2017), Senior Medical Officer at National Agency for Medicines (Finland, yrs 2003-2009), retired